How To Create LifePaths & Events

Create / Edit LifePath

Creating a LifePath
Creating a LifePath is easy.  Simply click on the “New LifePath” button on the home page, and then enter the basic information, as follows:  

  • Title (required)
    • This is the Title of the LifePath that you are creating, Such as “Anthony's LifePath”, or “Anthony R. Smith”, or any Title you choose.
  • Full Name (required)
    • This is the full name for the person that you are creating this LifePath for,  such as “Anthony Robert Smith, Jr.”
  • Date of Birth  (required)
    • Enter the date of birth for this person
  • Cover Photo (optional)
    • Choose a profile photo to represent this person, which you can add when you create the LifePath, or you can add, or change it, any time after, from any device that you log into.
  • Coauthoring (optional)
    • Coauthoring allows for a LilfePath to be created, updated and maintained by multiple LifePath account holders.  More details are in the Coauthoring Section of this website.

Now just click the “Create” button and start creating all of the Events in that person's life.


Create / Edit Event

Creating Events
To create  a LifePath Event simply click on the “New Event” or “Add Event” buttons at the bottom of the app.

 A LifePath Event can be as simple as just a Title and a Date, such as “Isabella Started Kindergarten” (September 21, 2007), or it can be a multimedia presentation with a wealth of content as follows:

  • Title (required)
    • Examples: “Isabella Starts Kindergarten”, “Christmas Morning 2009”, “Sachem High School Football Playoff Game”
  • Date  (required)
    • Enter the date of this Event
  • Time (optional)
    • Enter the time for this Event
  • Location (optional)
    • Enter the Location for this event
    • Examples: “New York, NY”, “Madison Square Garden”,
      “49 Dennis Drive, Lake Ronkonkoma, NY 11779”
  • Description (optional)
    • Enter the description or story for this Event
    • Can be a short or as long as you want
  • Enter Photos (optional)
    • Here is where you can add photos and videos to the Event
    • Please note:  Currently, you can only add up to 10 photos at a time in an Event.  You can add as many photos in an Event as you want, but you will only be able to add 10 photos at a time.
  • LifePaths which include this Event (optional)
    • When you create an Event, or anytime afterwards, you can add that Event to more than one LifePath.
    • Example:  You are creating LifePaths for your son and daughter, and you are creating an Event about the Camping Weekend that you just had with them.  This event could easily be included in both your son's and your daughters LifePath, as it should be.
  • Privacy (optional)
    • oThe Privacy setting allows you to pre-exclude Events from all LifePath Albums that   you share with others. See the Sharing Section of this website for more on this feature.