How To Share

Sharing a LifePath Event on Facebook

LifePath Events can easily be shared on your Facebook page, with just two clicks.


Sharing LifePath Events on Facebook
To create share a LifePath Event on Facebook, just go to any Event, and click the “Share Facebook” button found at the bottom center.


Once you click the “Share Facebook” button, the Facebook Post pop-up will appear.  The LifePath System creates this Facebook post, with the title of the post being the Event Title, and the description of the post being first, the LifePath Name that the Event comes from, followed by the Date of the Event, and then followed by the Description of the event.  The first picture of the event is also posted on this Facebook post, and the entire post is click-able, so all viewers can then be brought to, and view,  the entire Event.  Additionally, you can add a comment to the post.

Once done, just click the “Post” button and your event will be posted to your Facebook page for everyone to see.

Sharing a LifePath Album

LifePath Albums are a collection of Events with in a person's or organization's LifePath.  A LifePath Album can be a single Event, or a collection of Events, or all of the Events within a LifePath.

LifePath Album List

After LifePath Albums are privately and/or publicly shared, any new comments, changes, revisions, or new Events added to the original Album in the future are automatically updated to all of the shared Albums in real-time.

New Album Creation

Creating LifePath Albums
To create a LifePath Album just click the “New Album” button at the bottom of the Event Listing Page for the LifePath from which you wish to create an Album, and enter the following:

  • Title (required)
    • Name the album that reflects all of the Events you have selected.
    • Examples: “Johnny’s 1980 Football Playoffs”, “Family Christmas 2006”, ”Syracuse University Football History”
  • Order of Events (optional)
    • You can choose how the events in a LifePath Album are sorted, either oldest to newest events, or newest to oldest events.
  • Cover Photo (optional)
    • Choose a profile photo to represent this Album.  You can do this when you create the LifePath Album or any time after, and you can also make changes at any time, and all from any device that you log into.
  • Others with whom album is shared
    • This will reflect the email addresses of those you shared this album with.
  • Choosing Events for this Album (optional)
    • At the bottom of the New Album screen, you can now choose the Events you want to include in the Album you are creating.  Whether you filtered the Events or not, you can just check off the ones you want to include.
  • Create Button
    • Clicking the Create Button will create your new LifePath Album.
Sharing LifePath Album

Private Sharing of LifePath Albums
LifePaths can be easily and privately shared with family and friends by creating LifePath Albums, and sharing the album through LifePath’s Private Sharing feature.

You can privately share LifePath Albums with anyone you choose simply by clicking on the “Share Albums” button in the Albums Listing Screen, or the “Share” button when viewing an Album.  Once you share a LifePath Album privately, the recipient will receive an invitation email, with an acceptance link.  The acceptance link will expire after the recipient accepts it.

After clicking on the “Share Albums” or “Share” buttons create the LifePath Album Invite by entering the following:

  • Enter Your Name (required)
    • Enter the name you would like your recipients to see when they receive the LifePath Album Email Invite.
  • Select Recipients (required)
    • Check off the email address that you previously entered, and want to share this Album with, and/or add new recipients, by adding their email address in the enter field.
    • You can copy and paste email addresses into this field, and in the near future, you will have full access to your Contact List.
    • If an email address has a “+” Box to the right of it, this means that at least one of the Albums thta you have checked to share, has already been shared with this person.  Clicking on the “+” Box will display the Albums shared with this person.
  • Select Albums to Share (required)
    • Choose the Albums that you would like to share by just clicking the box next to each Album.
  • Send Invites Button
    • Clicking the Send Invites Button will send out the Invite Emails for this  LifePath Album.

Public  Sharing of LifePath Albums
LifePaths can be easily and publicly shared with the general public by creating LifePath Albums, and sharing the album through LifePath’s Public Sharing feature.

You can publicly share LifePath Albums with the general public by  simply by clicking on the “Share” button when viewing an Album.  Public sharing of a LifePath is a paid function, which requires purchased LifePath Credits, as follows:

  • 1 Month - 1 Credit
  • 3 Months - 5 Credits
  • 1 Year - 6 Credits
  • 5 Years - 10 Credits

The costs of LifePath Credits, are as follows, and reduce in cost when bundled with more credits in a single purchase, and is as follows:

  • $0.99 - 1 LifePath Credit
  • $4.99 - Set of 12 LifePath Credits
  • $8.99 - Set of 24 LifePath Credits
  • $16.99 - Set of 60 LifePath Credits
  • $29.99 - Set of 120 LifePath Credits