LifePath iBoard® Pricing

LifePath iBoard  Pricing For Viewing Shared LifePath Albums
If you create a LifePath account and you are only viewing shared LifePath Albums, there is no cost..

LifePath iBoard Pricing For The Storage LifePaths
Once you start creating LifePaths for your loved ones and organizations, you will get the first year free, with a maximum storage of 250 MB.  Once the 1st year trial is over, or if you need more than 250 MB of storage, you will need to buy additional storage.

Storage is inexpensive, and the cost is paid using LifePath Credits.  The LifePath Credits Cost each month is based upon your storage amount, at a rate of 1 Credit for each GB of storage.  Pricing for LifePath Credits is as defined below.

Purchasing LifePath Storage Credits can be done easily within the application through the Main Menu.  Just click on the Main Menu icon (in the upper right of the app), and look down at the bottom of the menu.  The application will show the the following:

  • Amount of storage that you are currently using
  • The  expiration date of either your Trial period, or the estimated expiration of your Credit Balance (based upon your current monthly storage)
  • Your Monthly Credit Cost, based upon your current monthly storage
  • Your Credit Balance

Purchasing iBoard Pricing For Public Publishing of LifePath Albums
Public sharing of a LifePath is a paid function, which requires purchased LifePath Credits, as follows:

  • 1 Month - 1 Credit
  • 3 Months - 5 Credits
  • 1 Year - 6 Credits
  • 5 Years - 10 Credits

LifePath Credit Pricing
The costs of LifePath Credits, are as follows, and reduce in cost when bundled with more credits in a single purchase, and is as follows:

  • $0.99 - 1 LifePath Credit
  • $4.99 - Set of 12 LifePath Credits
  • $8.99 - Set of 24 LifePath Credits
  • $16.99 - Set of 60 LifePath Credits
  • $29.99 - Set of 120 LifePath Credits